Simple Design. Quick Engagement. Inspiring Sharing.

  • Simple design. Better community interaction.

Users can freely ask questions & receive best answers from experts. Quickly submit Q&A entries
Easily post a question following simple steps. Quickly contribute an answer & discuss under each question.
  •  Easily find the answer instantly

Users can filter to see questions in a specific category or tag, and choose the most valuable answers to them by looking at votes and the “best answer” mark.

  • Pumped! More answers for your users. 

Users buy premium Pumps to put their questions on top of the list & get answers quicker.
  • Pump & get the right answers fast.

Pumped questions are easily noticed and quickly answered by the community.
  • Various payment methods for Pump plan purchase

Offer different pricing plans for premium pumps & collect payment via popular gateways or in cash.

  • Cultivate a knowledge sharing culture.

Increase contributor presence on AnswerArea, encourage the community to share their knowledge.
  •  Different user badge levels & points

The more contribution a user has on AnswerArea, the more points he gets and the higher badge he is rewarded.
  • Exclusive privileges for experts

Set permissions for voting, leaving comments, editing questions & answers or even approving answers for each point level.