RE: How can I prepare myself in order to get a summer internship at Google?

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To get the Summer internship call/mail from google is not an easy task.


This answer is not only precised for google but this is valid for all big organizations like samsung, facebook, flipkart, adobe, master card, amazon etc.


Actually there are two cases of it.



    • CASE 1:



if you are from IIT’s/NIT’s/IIIT’s then only this is for you. For others case 2 is described below:

    • How to apply? Now again the most Important question comes here is that how to apply for it? There are so many Platforms Available just you only need to Utilize it.
        • Angel List: Angel List is a website where you can easily register Yourself and can apply for Internships in different Startups Companies. You can find their Requirement, Tenure, Stipend all the information on the website Itself.
            • Linkedin: This is too a very good Platform to find out the Internships. Try to Contact with the higher Authorities of different firms and send them your resume.


            • Quora: Quora itself is a good platform for Internships. You can message to the higher Authorities here too and who knows that you may get a internship Offers from them.


            • Career Section: Try to Visit the career section of different firms and apply for the Internships their. If you will be shortlisted than you will get notified by them.






    • Now for being shortlisted you must have following things in your resume:


    • CGPA: Your CGPA is the first think which any organization will surely look. And than after you will be pass to the next forward rounds. As a fresher you must have a very well maintained CGPA in order to fetch a Job in any Big Organizations.



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    • Skills: Obviously this is one of the Important Parameter for Student’s Selection. You must have some Industry Required Skills. Companies Prefer Those candidates mostly which are aware about the Industrial Skills and all. if you are an ECE Student you must have to be good in Matlab, VHDL, Labview, Pspice, PCB Design. Java, Python, Linux, C, C++, HTML, Big Data, IOT etc. Remember the more quality you have the higher chances of your selection will be.



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    • Projects: Yes, Your project Fortfolios will surely help in hunting the job. The more number of Projects your Resume will show, Higher the chances of your selection will be. Try to do different projects on different topics. if you are from ece than you can make a project on Matlab, Pspice, Labview, Java, HTML, PCB etc.



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    • Work Experience: If you have any work Experience on your Resume than it will surely helps you.Try to gain work Experience. Work For Money . Work For Free. Ultimately all these are going to Benefit you.


    • Extraa- Curricular Activities: Extraa Curricular Activities will also helps you. But remember one thing that this should not be earn on the cost of academics. These will only benefit you when you will have a decent academics otherwise it’s not going to help you.


    • References: References will always helps you in shortlisting for the Job. A good Recommendation letter from any well known personality can play a vital role in jobs. And as a student you can make some good relations with your Professors, Guiders.


    • Subject Knowledge: Last But not least. Don’t forget in order to have a decent job in Pocket you must have to crack a job Interviews. And here comes the role of your Subject Knowledge. Whatever you have learned in these 3 years will help you here. So take your subjects Seriously. You never know Recruiters can ask any question related to any subjects.



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    • Your Digital World: Yes you read it right. Actually we are in 21st Century and now a days our all data is present over the Internet. So try to make your digital Profiles decent. Make your Linkedin Profile Strong. If other than this you are also on Github, Quora, Stack Overflow than your strength of profile on these media’s can help you a lot.



So this is how students from tier 1 college can get intenships in such a big organization.




For tier 3 college students the procedure is same as for the tier 1 college. If you are from tier 3 college you need to follow the same procedure as i have mentioned above. The only diffence lies here is that you need to make some extraa efferts here. Some big companies may not select you because each companies have their own selection criteria. Some only select students from tier1 college.


But don’t worry. Work hard. This is only what we can do.


Thanks for your reading.



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