What are the highest paying careers?

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    Pondered this myself, I set my criteria at careers with income potentials of at least $200k/year or more.

    No particular order:

    1. High finance (IBD/S&T/PE/HF/VC/AM/Research)

    2. Corporate law (Partner track or be a high flying barrister)

    3. Medicine (GPs (family doctors) and specialists: anaesthesists, surgeons, OB/GYN etc)

    4. Accounting at a big4/top 10 firm (Partner track)

    5. Executive management track (Director>VP>SVP>C-suite) of a business function (HR/R&D/Operations/Buying/Merchandising/Marketing etc..) at any large to mid-size company

    6. Product person (software engineer, product manager, designer etc..) at a big brand name tech company (FB/Google etc)

    7. Consulting at a strat house (MBB/Oliver Wyamn/Strategy&) or big4 (partner track)

    8. Any type of high end sales (e.g. enterprise, luxury, headhunting, broking etc)

    9. Real Estate (RE IB/REITs/RE PE/Development)

    10. Dentistry (Orthodontics/Maxilofacial Surgery)

    11. Quant finance (prop trading, quant research strats, etc) at a hedge fund or prop/HFT trading firm

    12. Actuary (partner track)

    13. Middle Office (Risk, Compliance etc) or Back Office (Operations, HR etc) at an IB

    14. Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking or Private Banking at a top shop

    15. Entrepreneurship (any kind)

    16. High profile creative person (Film/TV/Theatre/Music/Modelling/Architecture/Design)

    17. Oil and Gas/Mining (Geologist/Petroleum Engineer etc..)

    18. Pilot for a major airline

    Not sure if this is a definitive list, but it’s what I came up with.

    New Member Answered on August 15, 2017.
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