What Is A Fusible Lining

What is a fusible lining? The fusible interlining is a lining coated with hot melt adhesive and is one of the excipients often used in fabric manufacturing. The adhesive lining is attached to the back of the fabric by warming and ironing. When the fabric needs to express the crispness and thickness, it can be expressed by adding the adhesive lining. Or when the fabric is too soft and slippery, it is difficult to operate. Be sure to listen to it~~~ Let’s share what our bonding lining has on the clothing!

1. Make the garment get a satisfactory shape and play the role of a skeleton

Under the premise of not affecting the feel and style of the fabric, the stiffness and elasticity of the adhesive lining can make the garment flat or achieve the desired shape.

2. Improve the anti-wrinkle ability and strength of the garment

For thin fabric garments on the collar and the head, as well as the lining and the front body with a lining, the garment can be flat and resistant to wrinkles. With the lining of the garment, the fabric is protected and fixed by a layer of lining, so that the fabric (especially at the provincial road and seams) is not overstretched and worn, making the garment more durable.

3. Make the garment folds clear and straight and beautiful, and play a role of decoration and beautification.

In the outer edge of the garment, such as the mouth, cuffs and cuffs, hem, hem and hem, the lining is used to make the fold line more straight and distinct, and the garment is more beautiful.

4. Maintain the stability of the shape and size of the garment structure, and maintain the shape

Some of the cut pieces have curved and silky inclined parts, such as collars, arm sleeves, etc., after using the adhesive lining, the structure and size of the garment can be stabilized; and some parts are stretched easily during wearing. The deformation, such as the mouth of the bag, the button door, etc., can be easily stretched and deformed by the adhesive lining, and the appearance temperature of the garment is beautiful.

5. Make the clothing thick and improve the warmth of the garment

Obviously, the thickness of the garment after the adhesive lining is increased, thereby improving the warmth of the garment.

6. Improve the processing of clothing

Thin and soft silk and single-faced thin knit fabrics are difficult to handle due to the difficulty of holding during the sewing process, and the adhesion can be improved during the sewing process by using the adhesive lining.

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