What is the simplest way of earning a money from home?

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    Earning money online is just like earning money by doing physical work..If you think you can make 100$ online easily without doing anything then you are wrong. So if you are a hardworker and you have patience here is my answer :

    1. Youtube:You can make money from Youtube in two ways:
    • Upload videos :— Uploading videos on Youtube and then monetizing your channel can help you to make good money from Youtube. If you have a good idea you can make your channel on that or you can refer to this list of 46 topics on which you can make a new channel:46 different topics to start a new youtube channel in 2017
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    • After making your channel you can upload videos and show ads on them with adsense. If your channel does not get approval for adsense you can try affiliate programs and selling ads by other ways. For that you can refer to this article which will explain you alternates of adsense for Youtubers:Make money from Youtube without adsense.
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    • If you do not want to upload videos then you can refer to this article explaining how to make money from Youtube without uploading videos:Earn millions from Youtube without uploading even a single video
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    • If you know some skills like dance,music,comedy,magic,art you can make a channel and earn great bucks
    • 2. Blogging: See guys, A blog is a place where people share their views or knowledge on a particular topic in form of articles, posts etc. Starting a blog is free. You can use platforms like Blogger, WordPress etc. for this purpose. There are various topics on which a blog can be started. The list includes educational blogs, sports blogs, fashion blogs, sports blogs, blogs about movie reviews etc.You can start a blog about any topic of your choice and share your reviews and views there.

    For more details you can read this once: How blogging can help you to earn good money
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    Note: Some bloggers even make 10 lakh per month as their blog income but do not keep money as your sole motivation in this case especially

    3. Small works like paid surveys and installing apps: You can earn money by installing apps, doing surveys, playing games etc. You should refer to this link for details: Golden opportunity
    1. Get free Amazon ,Paypal and Walmart gift cards
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    4. Make money by helping students in their homework: You can help students in their homework or act as a typist. For that refer to: Solve questions for students and get paid Rs. 15 for every question
    For detai…

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