Why is there so much craze for biotechnology among students?

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    Well for a simple reason that when something looks promising people tend to fall for it, biotechnology has been there in existence for a long time,used by humans time and again but has been recently given the shape of a subject being taught in schools & universities.

    With so many questions related to the mechanics of how biological systems work being answered by the multidisciplinary approach of biotechnology it is now becoming a popular choice especially for those who are interested in applying principles of engineering to biology. It has also got a very high potential to get commodified as biotech not just gives you an understanding of science behind but also yields products to be commercialised.

    Life has always excited humans and this era of biotechnology is definitely going to satisfy our curiosity for a long time till something old again pops out of a new bottle.

    New Member Answered on July 4, 2017.
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